Stourbridge Interchange

Stourbridge Interchange is the bus station next to Stourbridge Town Station. So you can change from Stourbridge Shuttle to a bus, or walk into the town centre.

Where is Stourbridge Interchange?

Stourbridge Interchange is at Foster Street East and Vauxhall Road, Stourbridge, DY8 1LP. Near Stourbridge Town Station.


In brief

A bus station built on the site of an earlier bus station. Part of the bus station site occupies the location of the original Stourbridge railway station which was demolished in 1979. The old bus station closed for a redevelopment in October 2010, and the new Stourbridge Interchange opened in April 2012. It is a short walk to Stourbridge Town Centre, and you can interchange from buses (such as the 9 to Birmingham) to or from the Stourbridge Shuttle at Stourbridge Town Station.

Stourbridge InterchangeStourbridge Interchange (April 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown


Angus Adams

Inside the bus station is a memorial plaque to Councillor Angus Adams (1944 - 2012). He was Centro Chairman from 2010 to 2012. This award winning bus station was dedicated to Angus Adams who worked tirelessly for it's development on behalf of the people of Stourbridge. At one point Midland Metro tram 35 was named after him (from about 2015 to 2019, but has since been de-named for some reason).

Stourbridge InterchangeStourbridge Interchange (November 2017). Photography by Elliott Brown


Glass Blower

Bronze statue of a glass blower by John McKenna. Probably made in 2012 the year the new bus station opened.

Glass BlowerStourbridge Interchange (April 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown



Sculpture of locomotives above an archway to a subway that leads to Stourbridge Interchange (bus station and Town railway station).

Stourbridge InterchangeStourbridge Interchange (April 2013). Photography by Elliott Brown

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29 Feb 2024 - On-going


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